Our pastries are homemade. Assemblies, cakes, desserts and other specialties will delight you!

Pâtisseries faites maison

In order to offer you a dessert at the height of your event, we listen to you to create the pastry shop closest to your wishes.

Wedding cakes

We are at your disposal for the production of the assembled cake of your dreams.

  1. Choose the shape: pyramid of circles, squares or hearts, staircase, flat cake, original (carriage, torch, missal, lamb, gondola, savannah, etc.),
  2. Choose the type: cakes, Bavarian, mousse, ice cream, cabbage …
  3. Choose the taste (s): strawberry, chocolate, passion fruit, crème fraîche, meringue, almond paste, speculoos, salted butter caramel, etc.
  4. Explain to us the desired decor and cover: sober, kitsch, flowers, colors, figurine, …

Varied dessert buffet

Chocolate eclairs; pies: rice, custard, cherries and other fruits depending on the season; puffs stuffed with butter cream; individual mocha cake; religious; cones with pastry cream, Javanese;… The pastry buffet is more expensive because we have a lot more preparation to make (different kinds of creams, sponge cakes, sugars, chocolates and caramel). Part of the pastry buffet can be presented in the dining room so as to benefit from the “arrival of the assembled piece” effect

Croque en bouche

The “croque en bouche” is stuck with caramel or chocolate during your event. It’s a great classic in wedding pastry. It’s a pyramid of puffs stuffed with chocolate or vanilla cream.

Dessert on the plate

Of course, we also make desserts served on the plate!

Various cakes

In pastry, as in cooking, we are very creative. Do not hesitate to ask us for original creations on the theme of your event! Whether for a baptism, a communion, a secular celebration, a birthday or another event, La Cense de Lalouette always has a suitable cake to offer you!