Les salles

Grande salle “Balthazar”

The biggest room at the Cense de Lalouette

The Salle Balthazar is a large room covering 240m² that can seat up to 200 people.

The Salle Balthazar is very well equipped:

  • Projector and motorised screen,
  • Wifi,
  • Excellent sound system: 10 loudspeakers, 1 sub woofer and 3 mikes
  • One of the most stunning light shows in the region


Fully renovated blue stone inneryard

The courtyard at La Cense de Lalouette was fully renovated in january 2016 and is undeniably one of its most impressive features and will provide a stunning backdrop for your reception.

Its pond, filled with koi and carp finishes off the overall effect.

The sound system can be used in the courtyard.

Large tree-filled garden

A tree-filled garden with a sound system and views of the fields

The tree-filled garden at La Cense de Lalouette is behind the buildings and boasts a magnificent view of the surrounding fields, where you will be able to admire horses as they graze. You can enjoy drinks in the garden while the children play on the bouncy castle. The garden is equipped with a sound system.

The garden can be used:

  • For team buildings events
  • For photos
  • For drinks, weather-permitting
  • For children to play in
  • For the bouncy castle

Multi purpose salle “Salmanazar”

The multi-purpose salle Salmanazar, the most flexible space at la Cense

The multi-purpose Salle Salmanazar can hold up to 60-70 people seated and 200 people at a cocktail party or drinks reception. A large open fire creates a warm, friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for more intimate evenings or smaller events. This room also boasts views of the fields and has a customisable lighting system.

The Salle Salmanazar is the most flexible space here. It can be used:

  • As an area for smaller groups at a conference or larger corporate eventFor a ceremony (civil, religious etc.)
  • For a buffet, marketplace or grill during larger events, such as weddings
  • For cocktails and wedding drinks if it’s raining
  • As a games room. You can even set up our bouncy castle in here

Salle “Mathusalem”

The Salle Mathusalem is a meeting room that can seat between 2 to 30 people. This room was fully renovated in 2012. It has kept its authentic charm, thanks to its large fireplace, blue stone, terracotta tiles and vaults.

It’s the perfect venue for a seated meal or a cocktail party.

The room also boasts a fantastic bar with facilities for draught beer.

This happened to be the dining room when the building was a coaching inn.

Salle “Jéroboam”

The small Salle Jéroboam can hold between 2 and 30 people to suit your needs.

It’s the perfect room for meetings and small seminars or small private events.

Salle “Réhoboam”

The Salle Réhoboam can hold around thirty people. It is connected to the Salle Balthazar. It can be used for large receptions to serve the buffet, as a playroom for children, or as a quiet room for older guests. The exposed stone and view of the fields give it a unique atmosphere.

Salle “Clavelin”

The Salle Clavelin is a room covering 25m² that can host between 5 and 20 people. It is separated from the Salle Salmanazar by a series of doors fitted with blackout blinds. The Salle Clavelin boasts views of the fields and is perfect for business meetings and small seminars. It can also be used during events for buffets, away from the main action.

The Salle Clavelin can be used as an extension to the Salle Salmanazar, to which it is connected.

The Salle Clavelin can used for drinks receptions, for a space in which children can sleep, or as a storage area or an artist’s green room.


There are two private car parks either side of La Cense de Lalouette. For weddings and other large events, we can direct vehicles so that everyone is parked properly and nobody is blocked in by another vehicle.