Always with a global vision of your event, La Cense de Lalouette has all the event equipment necessary for its success.

The basic :

  • Tables: round, oval and rectangular in all formats
  • Chairs: comfortable, sufficient and can be covered
  • Topping: our tablecloths are gray and the napkins are white

The high-tech :

  • Wifi: free and everywhere
  • Speakers and sound system: three microphones, 21 speakers, 5 amplifiers,…
  • Video projection: three rooms are equipped with ceiling video projectors: Balthazar, Salmanazar and Jéroboam. The screens are fixed and motorized. A flat-screen TV is also available.
  • Customizable RGB lighting: choose the color of the interior of the Cense de Lalouette for your event!
  • Television: Need for big screen TV? Everything is here !

The practical :

  • Easel for your table plan,
  • Sufficient extensions,
  • Table with arrows for the sub-groups
  • Flip charts, white screens
  • Blackout of small meeting rooms
  • Bouncy castle