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Tailor-made catering service adapted to your event. From breakfast for business to a luxury wedding dinner, including a cocktail reception, let yourself be surprised by our dishes and buffets!

We move also to your company

The caterer of Cense de Lalouette, is … Cense de Lalouette !

Buffet or served on table ?

Good question but there is no good answer ! It depends :

  • First, your tastes: do you want to encourage dynamism, prestige, presentation on the plate?
  • Then, timing: a buffet often takes longer than a menu served at the table

Price will not vary because:

  • on the one hand, the products will be identical
  • on the other hand, the service will be similar: some of the servers are behind the buffets to help you

Cense de Lalouette innovates

We are the inventors of discovery buffets and discovery menus for repast. We favor menus and formulas discovered because this allows us to make you enjoy:

  • firstly arrivals: not all products are always available in sufficient quantities
  • secondly, seasonality: a product bought in season will be fresher, more ecological, more economical and will have more taste.
  • third promotions: we make you benefit from the promotions of the morning market
  • and finally the creativity of the Martial chef: by combining all the flavors encountered on the market, our chef, Martial, will surprise you!

Cense de Lalouette only works with her team

We only work with our own catering service within our walls. This for the following reasons:

  • Consistency in quality: When you come to La Cense de Lalouette, it is the guarantee of a successful event where the dishes are original, good and plentiful. These must be served on time and be at the right temperature.
  • Logistics: Given the number of events at the Cense de Lalouette we could not empty, store and move our kitchens and refrigerators constantly. How to manage several simultaneous events (never for weddings, rest assured) with several caterers in the same kitchen?
  • Economic viability: such a complex would not be viable without the catering service.