Discover our private offer

Discover our private offer

Live an exceptional moment!

What kind of event  ?

  • Golden and other weddings
  • communion, baptism
  • Birthdays with eating and eventually dance
  • All private events with eating

Contact us

Take car of your guest, we will do the rest !ontact us on +32 (0)475/366.009 and we’d be delighted to talk to you to see how we can help! Just leave a message if we can’t answer ?


A private event is possible from 50€ per person and may evoluate according to a variety of parameters. We organise only one event per room.

Each event is completely personalized

Places and services

Choose the room that suits you the best. All the services will be included (cleaning, service, sonorisation, beamers,… )

We also have two guesthouses.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page, Instagram page or virtual visit. We also have a FAQ.