Discover our business offer

Discover our business offer

Live an exceptional event!

What kind of event ?

  • Meetings for between 2 and 250 people
  • Sales presentations
  • Large meeting room with other rooms for smaller groups
  • Training
  • Sales negotiations
  • Negotiations with separate rooms for unions and employers
  • Indoor and/or outdoor team building events
  • Medical peer review sessions
  • Tasting experiences
  • Trade fairs
  • Temporary show room
  • Press conferences
  • Business clubs, club service
  • Networking events

Contact us

Take care of your business, we will do the rest !. Nous nous occuperons du reste. Contact us on +32 (0)475/366.009 and we’d be delighted to talk to you to see how we can help! Just leave a message if we can’t answer 😉

Each event is completely personalized

Places and services

Choose the room that suits you the best. All the services will be included (cleaning, service, sonorisation, beamers,… )

We also have two guesthouses.

feel free to visit our Facebook page, Instagram page or virtual visit. We also have a FAQ.