Service traiteur sur mesure adapté à votre événement. Du petit déjeuner pour entreprise au repas de standing de mariage en passant par le cocktail dînatoire, laissez-vous surprendre par nos plats et buffets !

Catering at La Cense de Lalouette is… what La Cense de Lalouette is all about!

Buffet or table service?

Good question! But there’s no right or wrong answer! It all depends on:

  • your preferences: would you prefer more of a buzz, something more sophisticated, presentation on the plate?
  • the timing: a buffet often takes less time than a menu served to the table.
The price won’t change because
  • The products will be exactly the same
  • The service will be similar: some of the waiters will be behind the buffet to help
plat découverte de notre service traiteur
“discovery” dish prepared by our catering service

La Cense de Lalouette is incredibly innovative

We come up with the ideas for wedding buffets and menus. We prefer special “discovery” menus and packages, because that means we can make the most of:
  • deliveries: not all ingredients are always available in sufficient quantities
  • seasonality: ingredients bought in season will be fresher, better for the environment, cheaper and tastier.
  • special offers: we can pass on the benefits of buying ingredients at the morning market to you
  • the creativity of our chef Martial: by bringing together all the flavours produced at the market, our chef, Martial, is bound to impress!

La Cense de Lalouette only works with its own catering service

We only work with our own catering service on our premises. There are several reasons for this:
  • Consistent quality: When you come to La Cense de Lalouette, you’re guaranteed a successful event, where the food is original, delicious and generous. It must be served on time and at the right temperature.
  • Logistics: Given the number of events hosted at La Cense de Lalouette, we wouldn’t be able to keep on emptying, rearranging and moving our kitchens all the time. How can you manage several events at the same time (don’t worry, never more than one wedding at a time) with more than one caterer in the same kitchen?
  • Economic viability: such a complex would not be viable without the catering service.