La Cense de Lalouette recommends the services of a number of partners. These are professionals in the world of events and weddings. As partners, they are used to working at our venue, know our staff and understand what our clients expect.

We do not receive any commission from our partners. We do however demand that they remain completely professional and help us at events that we are putting on.

To hire the limousine of your dreams: 3D Limo

For the perfect atmosphere, our DJs: Tchitchel, Colo, Laurent, Littleboys  and Musicalement vôtre.

To liven up your wedding with a magic show and decorate the venue with balloons: Magic Morgan

To capture this unique event, our photographer: Rêvez l’Image

To set off your tables with orginal flower arrangements: Le jardin d’Olivier

For your wedding dress and outfits: Tulle et taffetas

For your invitations, menus and table plan: Graphélie

To manage your event before you get to La Cense de Lalouette: Ceremoshok

For wines to go with your menu: la Maison des Vins Fins

For entertainment and babysitting for children: Animatthieu